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An important strategic decision is the selection of protection level for your company’s data centre. We first perform a thorough survey of your company’s needs and requirements for availability.

The protection level for your data centre is selected next and you receive a complete proposal for a security solution that matches your needs.

All-encompassing in protective and security systems
ENACO supplies and installs all types of protective and security systems available on the market. Both shell protection and various types of fire and smoke protection, protection against water leakage, eavesdropping, disturbances and intrusion, as well as dependable alarm and surveillance systems. A complete security system also includes redundant cooling and supply systems, as well as a plan for preventive maintenance, on-call service and operational monitoring with alarms.

Fire safety and monitoring
ENACO provides clients with various types of extinguishing systems, such as with water mist, inert gas and reactive gas. All systems are equally effective but have their unique advantages within various application areas.

Based on your needs and how your data centre is configured, ENACO can help you to set up reliable protection against fires. ENACO engineers, delivers, installs and serves all types of extinguishing systems. You can also sign a service agreement for continuous fire protection monitoring in your facility and for taking preventive measures.

Various fire protection levels
The level of fire protection is determined by your company’s needs and wishes. As a minimum, ENACO recommends fire safety class EI60 and preventive fire safety measures. Preferably with early smoke detection and extinguishing systems. For a higher level of protection, we recommend fire safety class EI120 DIS.

An alarm is an inexpensive guarantee for preventing total operational outages or damage to equipment. ENACO delivers and installs all types of alarms, including alarms for unauthorised access, burglaries and other physical intrusion.

Operational alarms
An operational alarm is the best protection against operational disturbances. An alarm can be triggered when there is a water leak or if a climate apparatus fails. Sensors for temperature, humidity, buzzers for air conditioning, UPS and auxiliary power devices can all be connected to an operational alarm. You can forward alarms to an alarm centre, to your company’s service organisation or to us at ENACO.

Fire alarms and smoke detection systems
Fires most often begin with smouldering cables. This can be difficult to detect with standard smoke detectors before they alight. An aspirating smoke detection system therefore offers the best protection in these cases.

Regardless of type, ENACO can always provide a complete and fully functioning solution.

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As a full-service supplier, we can take responsibility for all the necessary steps, from design and planning to fully operational data centres.



For all our clients, the IT environment is extremely business critical and an operational outage can produce major problems and unanticipated costs. This is why availability and security are prioritised in the solutions we design.

We build networks based on our extensive knowledge of how our clients’ mission-critical infrastructure affects day-to-day business operations. 

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