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ENACO performs everything from analyses to engineering and installation of complete cable systems for both entire buildings and smaller or complex data centres.

ENACO has more than 25 years of experience from installation of complete network systems with both copper and fibre.

Project managers, technicians and installers are certified for the systems we install and ENACO provides application and system guarantees for up to 25 years for the delivered systems.

It’s not enough that the technology works today. ENACO also understands and considers the increasingly stringent requirements for networks in handling video, alarms and access systems, building automation, energy optimisation, LED lighting and more – all to make the solutions future safe.

Measurements are made at all installations and documentation is provided per the applicable standards.

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As a full-service supplier, we can take responsibility for all the necessary steps, from design and planning to fully operational data centres.

For all our clients, the IT environment is extremely business critical and an operational outage can produce major problems and unanticipated costs. This is why availability and security are prioritised in the solutions we design.

We build networks based on our extensive knowledge of how our clients’ mission-critical infrastructure affects day-to-day business operations. 

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