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ENACO analyses data centres, assesses their energy efficiency and even calculates their PUE ratios. PUE stands for Power Usage Effectiveness and is a measurement of energy efficiency. The lower the ratio of your data centre, the greater its energy efficiency.

A PUE ratio for an outdated facility can be up to 2.0 and sometimes even higher. With a PUE ratio of 2.0, for each watt of IT energy consumed, just as much energy is expended on cooling units and premises.

We can build data centres today with very low PUE ratios, providing significant savings in energy costs, and at the same time, benefiting our environment.

An energy efficiency analysis encompasses a facility’s energy efficiency and also provides concrete proposals for improvements.

ENACO offers complete audits of advanced computer environments, approved for annual reports. ENACO conducts in-depth, meticulous audits as well as overall risk and vulnerability analyses. ENACO also conducts checks of entered agreements and compliance with standards. Improvement proposals include a long-term security strategy, an analysis of future expansion needs, a plan for optimal utilisation of premises and suggestions for new energy-efficient solutions.

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