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ENACO knows that power supply is business critical in many ways. A power outage can cause major problems and energy consumption constitutes a significant part of IT costs. This is why ENACO has such highly skilled specialists who can assist you in minimising operational disturbances.

Among the most common reasons for operational disturbances are power outages and disturbances on the power grid. Because electrical power providers cannot guarantee problem-free supply, it is the responsibility of each individual IT user to build backup capacity into their systems to prevent downtime. ENACO provides complete energy-efficient solutions for commercial power distribution installations, including substations, auxiliary power, UPS and battery systems.

ENACO applies the latest technology to enable redundant capacity at data centres
For many of our clients, ENACO has established redundant capacity at their data centres by utilising new, energy-efficient technology – moreover, while keeping these data centres fully operational.

Minimum requirements for electrical power installations
A minimum requirement for each installation is properly planned and executed power measurement with an apparatus for uninterruptible power supply (UPS). The equipment must handle power outages of up to 20 minutes and should be complemented with software for controlled shutdown of IT equipment.

To manage longer power outages, auxiliary power is required in the form of diesel generators. Even climate installations and other essential supply systems must naturally be connected to the auxiliary power source.

ENACO’s undertaking
ENACO helps you design electrical power supply systems at your data centre based on your company’s requirements for operational reliability. ENACO engineers, delivers and installs systems for auxiliary power, UPS and 48-volt power, and can even provide service. Included are mechanical installation, construction and isolation.

Power supply solutions for other critical environments
ENACO also provides power supply solutions for other critical environments, such as banks, underground railways, hospitals, command centres, emergency shelters, shopping centres, telecommunications facilities, etc.

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As a full-service supplier, we can take responsibility for all the necessary steps, from design and planning to fully operational data centres.

For all our clients, the IT environment is extremely business critical and an operational outage can produce major problems and unanticipated costs. This is why availability and security are prioritised in the solutions we design.


We build networks based on our extensive knowledge of how our clients’ mission-critical infrastructure affects day-to-day business operations. 

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