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ENACO provides fully operational and secure data centres
As a full-service supplier, ENACO can take responsibility for all the necessary steps, from data centre design and planning to commissioning. ENACO often serves as the main contractor, engaging many different subcontractors for various fields of expertise.

High availability is prioritised
For ENACO’s clients, the IT environment is often business critical. An operational outage can cause major problems and unanticipated costs. Reliability is therefore highly prioritised in the solutions ENACO delivers. ENACO can design and build redundant solutions in accordance with Tier classifications, based of course on clients’ needs and preferences. ENACO can put just as much emphasis on eliminating vulnerabilities and risks in systems as engineering your data centre to meet future needs.

Solutions for environments other than data centres
ENACO also provides cooling and power solutions to other critical environments, such as underground railways, hospitals, command centres, shopping centres and communications facilities.

Will you be remodelling, expanding or building new facilities?
Describe your needs and we will contact you with a proposal encompassing:

  • Data centres
  • Containers
  • Electrical systems and power supply
  • Climate systems
  • Communications and networks
  • Security systems

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