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Server and IT equipment requires the right temperature and humidity with minimal variations. With today’s high IT loads, there are considerable demands on climate systems.

ENACO delivers and installs new cooling solutions that can manage both present and future needs.
In modern data centres, the power requirements can be quite high. It isn’t uncommon with 7 kW per server rack. With high power and substantial heat, new methods are needed to cool data centres. ENACO performs advanced calculations and analyses to guarantee cooling redundancy and operational reliability.

Climate systems that manage continuous operation
Most servers are in operation around the clock, every day of the year. The departure point for ENACO’s solutions is for climate systems to be designed both to manage climate requirements and demands for continuous operation. Control systems must be designed to regulate temperature and humidity within narrow ranges. The type of apparatus that cools servers and computers is often referred to as a process apparatus in contrast to a comfort apparatus that is used to cool offices, shops and dwellings

Heat recycling – both an economic and environmentally friendly solution
ENACO helps to develop solutions for cooling your data centre at the same time as the surplus heat is used to heat your offices. When possible, ENACO can also help to return and sell surplus energy to power companies through district heating networks. Good both for the wallet and the environment.

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