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ENACO is a leader in building business-critical technology.  Our expert’s design, build and maintain technical environments such as data centers, server rooms, UPS and battery rooms.  We provide a complete technical infrastructure that keeps our clients unimpeded 24/7/365 regardless of external interference or technical failures.

Our cutting-edge competence is building systems for power and cooling that cannot be stopped.  We offer complete solutions that let business owners and property and data center managers focus on their business.

We are so confident in our methods that we can provide a complete guarantee that your business will not stop due to interruptions in our systems. It’s called the ENACO Secured Solution, ESS.

Do you want to be an ESS?  Check out what it means!

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The ENACO Story

Ever since ENACOs founding nearly 40 years ago, engagement, curiosity, teamwork and the continuous search for knowledge have been important motivational factors.

Through personal engagement and in-depth knowledge of secure and cost-effective design, ENACO has been entrusted by many clients in widely differing branches to both build and maintain their data centres and mission-critical IT infrastructure.

Through our assortment of services, ENACO can take complete responsibility, from strategy and design to installation, service, maintenance and operation of clients data centres and mission-critical IT infrastructure.

ENACO has advanced expertise in refrigeration, power, networks and security, as well as in cost-effective project management backed by years of experience.


Mikael Berggren

 CEO &  MD Network Services

Katja Brodin


Björn Pihlgren

Head of Business Support

Head of Region South (Malmö)

Kalle Jönsson

Head of Region West (Göteborg)

Dick Ternander

Head of Region Mid (Stockholm)

Torbjörn Samuelsson

Head of Region North (Luleå)

Acting Torbjörn Samuelsson


ENACO is not bound by any previous arrangements in selecting suppliers.
We take pride in always being able to offer our clients the solution that best suits their unique needs. 

Contact Enaco

Phone: +46 10-228 00 00