The physical environment and equipment surrounding machines and people are decisive for security, job satisfaction and proper function at data centres.

ENACO helps you to make those difficult decisions simple when you need help in choosing optimal premises for your company’s data centre. Together with our engineers, technicians and project managers, the best conditions are established for preparing a requirement specification that meets all your needs – everything from the centre’s location, floor, electrical and cooling supply to fire cells and security. ENACO can provide suggestions either for all equipment or for complements to existing gear.

Administer your data centre from one and the same location
With a server switch or KVM switch, you can control all of your computers, regardless of brand, from one and the same location. This saves both time and money – please contact us to find out more.

Safe rooms
Protecting your data centre and communications facilities is becoming increasingly important. By building safe rooms, disturbances caused by external factors from various types of electrical and magnetic fields, eavesdropping and physical intrusion can be eliminated.

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As a full-service supplier, we can take responsibility for all the necessary steps, from design and planning to fully operational data centres.

For all our clients, the IT environment is extremely business critical and an operational outage can produce major problems and unanticipated costs. This is why availability and security are prioritised in the solutions we design.

We build networks based on our extensive knowledge of how our clients’ mission-critical infrastructure affects day-to-day business operations. 

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