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ENACO takes responsibility from the design stage all the way to fully operational data centres. We can help you with the physical building, shell protection, power supply, cooling solutions, networks, control, communications and much more.

With 40 years of experience in the data centre branch, we have developed a comprehensive approach to how facilities are designed and established in the best and most economical manner.

We believe in vendor-independence to ensure that you always receive the optimal and most appropriate solution.

ENACOs approach goes beyond your facility’s individual components. We can take responsibility for the entire life cycle of your facility. With ENACOs service organisation, we ensure that your facility is maintained to achieve maximum service life.


As a full-service supplier, we take responsibility for all steps, from prospecting to turn-key data centres and subsequent service. ENACO can handle advanced projects with many participants within various fields of expertise. and with short delivery times and critical completion dates.


We deliver and commission secure and energy-efficient physical IT environments for our clients’ data centres. We provide a complete range of flexible services that can be adapted to your organisation’s requirements for availability, maintenance and preparedness, 24/7.



We can serve as advisors to our clients in the selection of, for example, a new site, how an existing data centre can be upgraded for higher redundancy and security classes, and also provide recommendations for configuring data centres to meet future needs.  


We perform analyses to assess energy efficiency, vulnerability and capacity increases, for example, that give our clients concrete decision-making data in enabling the construction of new or enhanced infrastructure.

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